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Oct 13, 2011 5:30pm PDT
and afloat. >>> and another royal wedding. this one not quite so well known but it does give us a colorful glimpse into a fascinating and once hidden world as a king marries a commoner. once hidden world as a king marries a commoner. "nightly news" begins now. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good evening. back on september 17, very few people had heard of the protest movement called occupy wall street, but they did and they sure have since then. and so far there have been over 1,000 arrests across the united states as the movement spreads. they share a heritage with other big protest movements in american history. some of them have changed history. even though this protest doesn't look the same or take the same shape exactly any two days in a row. it's on the move. the players change. but the center of the message is increasingly resonating. the crowds tell us that. now the polls tell us that. but tomorrow here in new york an important moment arrives right where it all started. it's where we begin tonight with nbc's mara schiavocampo. mara, good evening. >> reporter: bria
Oct 26, 2011 10:00pm EDT
it is available thus far in seven languages with more to come, i'm sure. that does it for us tonight. thank you for joining us. we will see you again tomorrow night. now it is time for "the last word" with lawrence o'donnell. have a good one. >>> walter isaacson is here to talk about his fascinating new biography of steve job and we will find out when he is writing his biography of herman cain. >> got a number? >> 9-9-9. >> this is mitt romney calling. it really is. >> see if he has an answering machine or not. >> mitt romney calls but republicans don't answer. >> it is an answering machine. ♪ >> it is the anyone but romney day. >> the stall may be an eclipse. >> accusations of flip flopping. >> he takes one position one time, another position another time. >> i'm sorry if i created confusion. >> romney said he is 110% behind kasich's -- >> he said he fully supported it. >> i fully support the governor kasich's i think it is called question two in ohio. >> one day after he said he didn't have a position, it plays in to flip flop. >> the republicans have had a whiplash on th
Oct 11, 2011 2:00pm EDT
than the terrorist threat they focused on. >> absolutely. the information we are receiving into us that say that sources confirm the case started when one of the men, the iranian americans made contact with an under cover dea informant and asked for assistance from a mexican drug cartel to assassinate the am bass tor. this is what sources are telling us at this hour. you can tell us any information you might have on the saudi diplomats, the saudi ambassador to the united states? >> he's a prominent spokesman in saudi government and very well recognized and very well respected in washington, d.c. whether you are part of the government or sympathetic, there is no doubt he was at the jurvethure of a lot of worlds that are critical and for that matter he makes a good target. it's not a secret that the saudi government shares concerns about iranian interest in that region and the saudis and iranians have clashed over a number of different issues including what's going on in bahrain and the struggle between the government protest in bahrain to the sovereignty of particular islands in th
FOX News
Oct 24, 2011 2:00am PDT
illegals in your home and you knew about it for a year and the idea that you stand here before us and talk about that you are strong on immigration is on its face the height of hypocrisy. >> governor romney. >> rick, i don't think that i have ever hired an illegal in my life. i look forward to finding your facts on. >> the newspaper. >> i'm speaking. i'm speaking. >> i'm speaking. >> once or twice last night the level of intensity particularly between governors perry and romney got to be like 7th graders in a schoolyard and i felt uncomfortable and i thought it hurt the entire republican party. >> first, did i need to walk around and get between them and say let's just get along. >> they had illegal immigrants working there and when that was pointed out to us we let them go and went to us and said -- >> do you -- >> you have a problem with allowing someone to finish speaking and i suggest if you want to become president of the united states you got to let people speak to let me speak. >> geraldo: are republicans, though, eating their young? one of our most gracious and measured contemporar
Oct 16, 2011 10:30am EDT
historical ambition of creating a more perfect union can, by definition, never end. as dr. king showed us, the power to create a more perfect union lies in each of us. un die, we can correct injustice. we can work for equality and we can work to improve and eliminate poverty in our country. we can do so with and all law and through the institutions that defined as a great. nation this tomorrow reminds us that not only can we make america better, it is our responsibility to make a better. on behalf of chevrolet and gmc and foundation and everyone at gm, i congratulate and salute the king family come the mlk memorial foundation and all of america for ensuring the everlasting legacy of this trip. a great man -- of this truly great man. thanks [applause] you. >> please welcome dedication co- chairman and president designer and co-founder of the tommy hilfiger corporate foundation, tommy hilfiger. >> thank you very much a [applause] it is a special honor to join the king family, the martin luther king jr. foundation, and the many dignitaries as well as my fellow americans in celebrating the le
Oct 1, 2011 2:00pm EDT
country get moving again. this is a chance we can't afford to mess, and it is up to all of us to convince congress to seize that chance. let's get together and to make this happen. your future and your children and grandchildren future depends on getting this done. i can't urge you enough to call your congressman or congresswoman. call your senator and said that we just have to have this. there is a time for a political campaign, but there is also a time to save america. i have been working with my centers in new york, particularly chuck schumer, i think there are others like lindsay graham. you have to call your senator, your congressperson and say that this is something that cannot be consumed by partisan politics. it is not something that can wait for the next election. this is about keeping america the greatest country in the world, a place where our ancestors came and where our future has to come. thank you very much. [applause] >> i will take a couple of questions on topic. any questions? sir? seem to -- yes, tell everybody who you are. >> [inaudible] >this is a great program have l
Oct 16, 2011 1:00am EDT
shanker and eric schmitt look at how the u.s. government has been fighting al qaeda since 2005, the year the strategy of the u.s. had been using the previous four years was change. this is just over an hour. >> good morning everyone. welcome to the miller center form. today we are thrilled to welcome thom shanker and eric schmitt to the nation's most accomplished journals covering national security and military affairs. and the authors of "counterstrike," the untold story of america's secret campaign against al qaeda. those oath of them spent roughly the last year as writers and residents of the center for new american security. thom shanker joined "the new york times" in 1997 as assistant editor and is currently a correspondent covering the pentagon and national security including efforts of transformation within the pentagon and the global campaign against terrorism. prior to joining the times mr. shankar was a foreign editor of the chicago trip and in berlin and moscow euro chi. eric schmitt is a senior writer for the nric times who has spent, who is written about the military and nat
FOX News
Oct 2, 2011 4:00pm PDT
for health care, expected on the docket as the u.s. supreme court gets back in session. our nation's highest court, a full slate of cases, including immigration laws in several states. tonight, fox reports how what they decide could affect you. and american amanda knox convicted of murder a world away from home in italy. desperate for freedom, she could be hours away from finding out her fate. >> she's extremely tense, losing weight and can't eat and can't sleep. these people hold her life in her hands. >> tonight, our journalists in italy awaiting word. will amanda knox walk or possibly sit in prison for the rest of her life. plus, what appears to be a kind gesture toward a stranger in the mall, not so kind after all. what you see here is actually a scam, all caught on camera. new reaction tonight on the drone strike that killed two american born terrorists in yemen. officials saying the strike on friday was a major blow to al-qaeda's leadership. anwar awlaki killed in the operation along with al-qaeda propagandaist. and we're learning that the the chief bomb maker was not killed. and offic
Oct 6, 2011 5:30pm PDT
changed life. and along the way, computing and music. he gave us something to point to with pride. he gave us the icons, fonts, shuffles and swipes of our modern lives. he was relentless, exacting and unique and he was dying of cancer during some of the most productive years of his life. steve jobs was apple and steve jobs was the american innovator of the modern age. he's gone at the age of 56 and we remember him tonight beginning with nbc's george lewis. >> reporter: with the help of a top design team, jobs turned electronic gadgets into objects of desire. there was the macintosh computer in 1984. >> and it has turned out insanely great. >> reporter: the ipod in 2001. and then in 2007 -- >> today, apple is going to reinvent the phone. >> reporter: -- the iphone. and in 2010, the ipad. >> so all these things, one after another after another it's like homerun, homerun, homerun. and there's only one babe. >> reporter: in 1976 steve woszniak and jobs cofounded apple and within ten years it had turned into a $2 billion company with 4,000 employees. >> they were the most fun years of my life.
Oct 15, 2011 4:00pm PDT
for watching. i'm wolf blitzer. join us weekdays in "the situation room" from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. eastern. every saturday at 6:00 p.m. eastern right here on cnn. and at this time every weekend on cnn international. on cnn international. the news continues next on cnn. -- captions by vitac -- >>> hello, everyone. you are in the "cnn newsroom." i'm hala gorani in tonight for don lemon. occupy wall street is now global. demonstrations erupted in cities around the world today in a display of worldwide frustration we haven't seen since this protest began about a month ago. this peaceful demonstration in buenos aires was fairly typical. this was the scene in london. thousands of people converged in front of st. paul's cathedral to hear wikileaks founder julian assange. he made an appearance today. several people were arrested in london. the most notable unrest was in rome. look at these images. police blame anarchists for taking advantage of the large gathering to throw fire bombs and break store windows, forcing riot police to move in with water cannons and tear gas. some of the protest
Oct 15, 2011 5:00pm EDT
mannyfesto makes clear as the caller said, he isn't a christian. he uses the word christian to mean, nonislamic. it is not specifically, i don't know, black, hispanics, brown people. no, it is muslims he does not like. that's it. and yes it was very anti-muslim. he talks how he wants the jews and buddhists and all the people of europe to join with him to fight against the islam maization of europe. that is his big thing. whether or not that is connected to the insanity on some molecular level i don't know but for "the new york times" to describe him as >> this is just over an hour. >> good morning, everyone. welcome to the miller center forum. today, we're thrilled to welcome william and eric schmidt, two journalists covering military affairs, and the untold story of the america's campaign against al-qaeda. they were senior writers and residents at the senior for american security. george joined the times in 1997 and is covering the pentagon and national security, including efforts of transformation within the pentagon and gloanl campaign csh gobble campaign against terrorism. he wa
Oct 2, 2011 1:00am EDT
the country. in "the interrogator" he affords us the opportunity to see inside the intelligence machine in those troubling early years right after the attacks of 9/11. i will let glen tell his story a quick headline that shows it is questionable as to how much we have learned the lesson that this call from the intelligence community on a day-to-day basis. today we see reports of secretfa interrogation facilities in somalia an detainee is held for months aboard naval vessels in international waters before releasing prisoners into the judicial system. tak and of course, the guantanamo and bagram facilities are still open for business. which is important is inside in to the bureaucratic impact to take the gloves off. lead not only talkse al about the flaws of the intelligenceen case built up but how the system failed to stand up for basic principles in the face of concerted civilian political these are but aes few of the lessons we can take away from his compelling new book so let me introduce himtell briefly so he could tell you himself. glenn carle logging 33 years of servi
Oct 16, 2011 7:00am EDT
to pay the rest of us $3.50 an hour in the 1960's. host: you can also send us e- mail at this is the scene from times square. that is the nasdaq symbol, not far from broadway and became crown zero and the new york rallies go across the globe. here is a story, that the world wide protest were not court netted but not quite spontaneous. -- coordinated but not quite spontaneous. that essentially summarizes what happened over the weekend inside the "new york times" and robert joins us from of rhode island. caller: where it should be heading is that we have all of these people unemployed due to jobs being sent overseas. they should bring them back for the same about money, and i can almost guarantee you -- i am an accountant -- they could manufacture those jobs here in the united states, give people a living wage, give them pensions and fringe benefits and put people back to work. just like the person they call before, who has the skills in textiles, items like that. put them back to work by starting to open up those close the factories, and using american workers.
Oct 22, 2011 1:00pm EDT
hear about them in the news all the time, but what exactly is a diplomat? we visit the u.s. state department to find out. >> i'll tell you why there's a blindfolded woman on one of our state flags. >> i'll tell you about dinner companions we can only dream about. >> that and much more, so keep watching "teen kids news." >> welcome to "teen kids news." i'm mwanzaa. >> and i'm livia. here's our top story for this week. >> headaches can be a huge pain, but for some teens who get an extreme type of headache, it's an even bigger problem. tyler has the story. >> when daniel beecher complained about constant headaches, people thought he was making excuses. but his headaches were real and more severe than normal. >> i had it for a week straight. i was having two a day. >> that was during the summer. then school started, and daniel's headaches began to really get in the way. >> i'd have to be in a dark room, away from light, away from noise, 'cause that only makes the headaches worse. so i really had to step aside for at least an hour and just let it subside. >> the headaches were affectin
FOX News
Oct 15, 2011 3:00pm PDT
>> arthel: hello, everyone. >> rick: glad you're with us. welcome to a brand-new hour inside america's news headquarters. topping the news this hour, the occupy wall street protesters taking their message across manhattan and around the world. crowds of demonstrators gathering right now in times square. it's just one of the rallies that's happening in dozens of countries and some have turned into all-out clashes with the police. >> arthel: a new shakeup in the gop presidential field. another candidate joining the ranks of their top tier. but will one candidate emerge that a majority of republicans will support? >> rick: and another foreign deployment for zoetropes. this time africa. more on what our military commitment will be there and how long we'll be staying. >> arthel: we begin with our top story, occupy wall street rally turned into a violent clash with police in rome. dozens of people injured in the fighting. a group of demonstrators breaking away from an otherwise peaceful march and started breaking bank windows, destroying atms and torching cars. greg berk is screami
FOX News
Oct 15, 2011 4:00pm PDT
-qaida's deadliest group hit hard again. word of a u.s. drone strike taking out terrorist. including the son of al-awlaki. new details on the strike. and more deadly clashes in the streets of yemen the country's leader slaughters his own people. >> we have shootings in seal beach. >> the chilling 911 call in a southern california hair salon. >> is she still there? >> no, he walked away. >> we'll have more on that call. >> plus, on the hunt for a pair of thieves in drag. >> police are searching for the cross dressing duoon a crime spreen after they hit swanky retailers in manhattan. >> troops in uganda. and president obama said they arrived on wednesday. uganda borders the congo of south sudan. troops will be deploying there. what is the. to find and kill joseph coney. the guerrilla group accused of terrorizing tens of thousands of people. mr. obama said the united states supported military operation. but attempts to take coney out is unsuccessful. and now u.s. forces will be on the ground to provide support. the troops will not engage in battle unless they defend themselves. reaction is mixed. >>
FOX News
Oct 2, 2011 1:00pm PDT
in using drones. u.s. military drone strike in yemen killing three people in on friday including the al-qaeda leader in yemen, anwar al-awlaki. drone is a deadly and very precise weapon in america's powerful arsenal. we could see a whole lot more of it in the near future. steve is live in washington with more on that. hi, steve. >> reporter: president getting his share and criticism in the wake of that drone attack that claimed the life of an al-qaeda operative, anwar al-awlaki. he is the american born cleric linked to terror attacks in u.s. he was killed friday by a drone attack in yemen. dick cheney said today it was a good strike but also says the obama administration killing an american without due process, something they blasted the bush administration for doing. >> they said we had walked away from ideals, taking policy contrary to ideals and enhanced interrogation techniques. clearly moved in taken robust action. >> i think dick cheney has a thin skin for a guy in the partisan wars that he had and obama administration should be repeating it. >>> harmon supports the drone attack t
FOX News
Oct 11, 2011 4:00pm PDT
underpants. enjoy the trial. >> bret: thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report." fair, balanced and unafraid. >> shepard: an assassination and bombing plot on u.s. soil. now the feds say a foreign government is behind it and the trial of the accused airplane underwear bomber begins. prosecutors say he had planned to end up in heaven. instead, he wound up in detroit. tonight, opening statements and new evidence at the trial of the man accused of trying to blow up a jet with a bomb in his briefs. new evidence at the trial of michael jackson's accused killer. including how the suspect told the singer's kids their dad was dead. >> tried my best, i knew that -- >> tonight, developments at the michael jackson manslaughter trial. plus, collapse at school. when this 12-year-old's heart stopped beating, teachers had minutes to bring her back. >> she was pale, her lips started turning blue. >> one thing that's running through our heads the whole time is kylie needs us. >> they were there for her. >> without them, i probably wouldn't be he
Oct 21, 2011 9:00pm EDT
-perry. >>> thanks to you at staying home with us. we're going to talk to rachel. we're in the ninth year of the war. in an announcement, president obama told the american people the war in iraq was ending, definitively and absolutely the war is over. >> i can report that as promised, the rest of our troops in iraq will come home by the end of the year. over the next two months, our troops in iraq, tens of thousands of them, will pack up their gear and board envoys for the journey home. the last american soldier will cross the border out of iraq with their heads held high proud of their success and knowing that the american people stand united in our support for our troops. that is how america's military efforts in iraq will end. >> for as long as there has been an iraq war, for as long as there have been people arguing in favor of starting a war in iraq, there have been people on the other side of it arguing against it. one of those people arguing against it in very early stages was the man who announced today that that war was ending. and when president obama said this afternoon that it was ending
Oct 2, 2011 6:00am EDT
the u.s. settled with the families of the victims. >>> president obama used a dinner here in washington to chastise the republican presidential candidates. last night he celebrated the repeal of don't ask, don't tell at the human rights campaign annual dinner. the president also took republican challengers to task for not defending a gay soldier booed in a recent debate. >> it's okay for a stage full of political leaders one of whom could end up being the president of the united states being silent when an american soldier is booed. we don't believe in that. >> during his speech, president obama also called for the end of the defense of marriage act which defines marriage as between one man and one woman. >>> the redskins looking for their first road win of the season today. washington heads to st. louis to face off against the 0-3 rams. players and coaches say they're not taking the game lightly and the wynnless rams are still a tough time. it's expected to be a challenge for the burgundy and gold. but the skins's offense is expected to face the struggling ram defense. they gave up 37
Oct 7, 2011 7:00pm EDT
>>> on the broadcast tonight america's longest war. a new marker for all of us and an extraordinary woman -- a mother and grandmother, one of the many americans sacrificing on the front lines. >>> fear factor. children pulled out of school in this country while parents give up work they desperately need, all because of the sudden impact of a tough new law. >>> hitting home. new numbers on jobs. it's not getting better. now the anger and the protests are growing. >>> the interrogation. for the first time, the jury hears michael jackson's doctor describe his version of what happened the day michael jackson died. >>> and three women share the nobel peace prize. >>> and three women share the nobel peace prize. "nightly news" begins now. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good evening. tonight protesters remain in the streets of a dozen u.s. cities, angry over what's happened to their lives and our country and a big part of that over these last ten years, the two wars we have been fighting. starting ten years ago today. this is the anniversary of the start of the war in afghanistan. longer
Oct 1, 2011 7:00pm EDT
black site in 2002. he details the methods he and others use to extract information from suspected terrorists. this is about 50 minutes. >> good afternoon everyone. thank you for braving the summer heat and joining us here at the new america foundation. i especially want to welcome our c-span audience who has been recording our event today and the important topic for the broader american audience to engage in and they think by the end of the session i think you will as well. my name is patrick dougherty. i help run the national security studies program. i run the grand strategy initiative here at the new america foundation. and, national security studies here at new america does what we think few other programs do and that is to bring new streams of timely, accurate integrative data to the big strategic questions facing the united states. we are focused as i'm on the grand strategy but also critical regions south asia, the middle east, and then a critical issue that needs a lot or data analysis, discussion deliberation, counterterrorism space. we are really blessed with two great c
Oct 1, 2011 7:00am EDT
are eligible to work in the u.s. "washington journal" is next. ♪ host: 1100 n. not paid peras morning, congressional leaders to say that president obama's jobs bill will not be at the top of their agenda when they reconvene next week. mitt romney saying they expect her raise up to $13 million. president obama expects more than 55 meghan dollars. when it comes to savings in the united states, saving rates are down. in august, only 4.5% of income was saved by americans. this is the "washington journal " for october 1, 2011. wlaki ish of anwar a an all the papers. this is scott shane writing for ".e "new york times begi claiming that killing him, and it goes on what the story. editorials of paper is taking a look at this topic, such as the "new york daily news." two perspectives from the world of politics this morning. president obama talking about the effort in the organization that was behind the targeted killing. this is what he had to say >> the death of his of awlaki major active al qaeda's most organizational feel it. he was the organizer 4 al qaeda in the arabian peninsula. he too
Oct 5, 2011 10:00pm EDT
lit distance between people and the power of technology. that does it for us tonight. now it's time for "the ed show." good night. >>> good evening, americans and welcome to "the ed show" tonight from lower manhattan in new york city. america has lost a technological giant. steve jobs is dead at the age of 56. we will talk about his impact on our lives. >>> and here in lower manhattan, the wall street occupation protests continue. it's all coming up tonight on the ed show. stay with us. let's get to work. >>> one of the greatest inknow rate issers of american technology, the thomas edison of the 21st century, steve jobs has lost his battle to pancreatic cancer at the age of 56. this man impacted almost every facet of our lives and changed communication forever in this country. jobs he jobs' impact will be felt for generations to come. his life and time, let's review it here tonight on msnbc. >> he was the father of the iphone, the ipod and the am mac computer, turning elech tropic gadgets into on joeskts desire. >> i think if you do something and it turns out pretty good, then you s
Oct 5, 2011 7:00pm PDT
protests continue. it's all coming up tonight on the ed show. stay with us. let's get to work. >>> one of the greatest inknow rate issers of american technology, the thomas edison of the 21st century, steve jobs has lost his battle to pancreatic cancer at the age of 56. this man impacted almost every facet of our lives and changed communication forever in this country. jobs he jobs' impact will be felt for generations to come. his life and time, let's review it here tonight on msnbc. >> he was the father of the iphone, the ipod and the am mac computer, turning elech tropic gadgets into on joeskts desire. >> i think if you do something and it turns out pretty good, then you should go do something else wonderful. >> reporter: as he was fond of saying, wait, there's more. >> today, apple is going to reinvent the phone. >> reporter: and people did wait. in long lines for the first iphones in 2007. then, three years later they lined up for the ipad, changing the way people consume media. >> design plus function equals the right lifestyle and that's what he filled. >> reporter: in 1976, jobs
Oct 30, 2011 9:00am EDT
a truly nasty dog. my dog never bit them. we will talk today about the decline of the u.s. postal service, the loss of an enormous number of jobs as the internet has taken away the mail. first-class mail has fallen tremendously. even junk mail has fallen and the post office, that very core of the small town or a village may go away, it may be closed. the actual retail outlet may be close. the postal service itself, an incredible distributive system may be a shadow of its former self. as is western union, a very slight shadow of its former self. these are the times we live in. these are the days of destructive technologies. we will be right back to talk about the post office and you and the post office. ♪ >> many have spoken out on the need to transition to a clean energy future. at exelon, we are acting. by 2020, we are committed to displacingriet mscon t metric tf greenhouse gases annually, helping our customers and communities reduce their emissions and offering low carbon electricity and the marketplace. we are taking action and we are seeing results. ♪ >> "white house chronicle" i
Oct 5, 2011 8:00am PDT
sentence for killing her roommate and appeals court overturned that murder conviction on monday. >>> u.s. ambassador susan rice is calling it an outrage, she walked out of the u.n. after china and russia blocked a measure targeting syria. she said that would rather sell weapons to the syrian regime than stand with the people who want freedom. you're seeing pictures there of a brutal crackdown of to protests. the u.n. resolution condemn the crackdown on those protesters and opened the door to sanctions. the u.n. said that 2600 syrians have been killed since march in those protests. >>> wildfire once again threatening people and property in bastrop county, texas, about 1,000 acres are burning today. fires forced 30 families to leave their homes, it was just last month, when a huge firestourm destroyed 1500 homes in that county. >>> a new york congresswoman said that it's time to look at limits on helicopter traffic over manhattan. now, you're looking at this scene a crash on tuesday killed an australian tourist who was celebrating her 40th birthday. three other passengers and the pilot sur
Oct 2, 2011 11:00am EDT
. the protests blocked traffic and jammed up traffic for miles. michelle franzen is joining me us. good morning. how did they get tricked? >> they're thinking they were lured there. they're saying the nypd lured them to this area. the protesters have been camping out the past two weeks at this park a few blocks from wall street. yesterday, their numbers swelled during that march across the brooklyn bridge. they were supposed to stay on the pedestrian path but spilled over on to the rote and closed off traffic as mentioned. nypd arrested some 700 protesters criticizing police for using excessive force yesterday and several incidents over the past two weeks. >> it was civil disobedience. it's still disobedience. but we were being peaceful. we weren't doing anything bad. they weren't only arresting young kids either. they were arresting elderly woman and a 13-year-old girl. >> we realize that the marches stopped, the -- we couldn't leave. if we left, we tried to turn around and go back, that's when they would arrest you. >> the protesters are expected to be back out today. they've been speaking ou
FOX News
Oct 5, 2011 1:00pm PDT
the dodd-frank? >>guest: yes, what a hip create. >>neil: i worry about durbin's remarks when a u.s. senator is saying, take your money out of a bank ... a big bank ... that, that, that, that could lead to financial collapse. >>guest: with the fact that he participated in that, you want to go up to him and say, you liar. you cheat. you were part of this problem. we told you what was going to happen and now the consumers are protesting. >>neil: but did bang of -- bank of america say if you do that well raise debit card fees? >>guest: that is basic business, you hurt my margins we find new streams of income. like with the airplanes, now they just charge for extra bags. >>neil: and that is a good point. the administration is behind $30 departure fee taxes and the like and that is okay but $5 debit fee is not okay. >>guest: the consumers will pay for this. the rest >>dave: consumers are not making the link, and this is what you voted for, people, this is what you voted for, this is the change. this is what you asked for. >>neil: we are people glomming on to the rallies like this? pent up frustra
FOX News
Oct 15, 2011 1:00pm PDT
, congratulations to you and your family and from all of us here on "the five," >> gregg: fox news alert. new protests inspired by occupied wall street breaking out all around. demonstrators voicing their anger debt crisis and corporate greed. i'm gregg jarrett. >> heather: and i'm healther childers. welcome to a brand-new hour. protests in nearly 1,000 cities across more than 80 countries. in rome, the knon demonstrations are violent. a group of protestors smashing windows, torching cars. black smoke you can see rising from the downtown capital. >> in london about 3,000 people storming the city's financial district before police finally moved in to make arrests. >> heather: protestors marching in germany with thousands rallying in front of the european central bank. fred burke is streaming live with some of the extreme violence. >> reporter: there were demonstrations all over but it was really rome where it was tough. when people show up with faces covered carrying bats, you have an idea it's not going to be peaceful. that was certain liquor the case today in italy as protestors smashed wind
Oct 8, 2011 12:00am PDT
-reward in using promoters. there was the resolution to this issue but it is something that you should leave here thinking about. some people chimed in to say that there is not a dime that they would not bother turning using a promoter if they thought there was some risk involved in that. obviously, other people feel differently. that risk- reward ratio is something that you need to think seriously about if you are going to continue to use promoters at your venue. at this point, certainly take some questions. if you are done, it is 10:04. i appreciate you all coming. we have the bac cards. -- feedback cards. i would love to hear it in e-mail form or you can call me. please use the entertainment commission as a resource, but be nice. you saw all of us today. we are here to help you if we can. we do have to issue some permits that those of you -- that somebody do not like, but there is. thank you. . >> thank you and thank you to all of you for being here today in such a fantastic day, beautiful, sunny bay area. also i want to thank you, hilary flynn, the director of the irish festival for this invi
Oct 26, 2011 7:00am EDT
patient so far. let us see the reaction thursday. but there is growing consensus among observers, columnist, and analysts, that the package of measures, even if it were to be agreed later tonight, it would not be enough to restore confidence in the market and address the deep structural crisis in the banking sector which is overlapping with the eurozone crisis and making this is so dramatic. >> is there one area which can change that attitude from the banks? for example, the bazooka affect what the bailout funds, the sheer size? would that be something that would do it? or, is it so desperate and views about what is best or writes that the markets are not really going to be satisfied with anything. >> one main concern is there is one kish -- keep issues leaders have not addressed, the cumulative effect of state austerity and a contraction of credit in the banking sector as the banks try to flight individually for safety and a 68 -- at 68 the economy. and the rest of the world being pushed into a recession it is a very serious and insufficiently addressed by all the measures that
FOX News
Oct 15, 2011 5:00pm PDT
but a moral problem. we stop using wall street for a place for products and serves and start turning into a government-backed casino and pay out are higher. if you win, keep it. but if you lose uncle sugar will bail ow out from the money that he confiscated stiffs that will lose their yobs while the bosses get rich. >> it is apparent that men of the people making a mess of manhattan don't care it is hurting the support staff than the top paid executives. misguided notion that all of the plame -- blame is wall street. there are cull pitable -- cupable firms. they couldn't do that if not for the well paid lobbyist in dc who won favors for the clients. don't let congress off of the hook. laws they passed created winners and losers instead of letting market forces decide who stays and who goes. that's the fault of politicians from both the left and right. but to demonize all business? that is misguided. protestors need to find out what the private sector does and vacate wall street. >> think about this. what if all of the private sector businesses decide to vacate for a day . they just s
Oct 27, 2011 3:00am PDT
and asia. u.s. stock futures are also significantly higher. we begin coverage this morning in brussels, belgium. >> after 11 hours of fraught negotiations, eu leaders did finally manage to come up with what they call a lasting and incredible agreement to solve the eurozone debt crisis once and for all. here it is. in the 15-page draft communique that was wrapped up soon after talks, they aim to solve problems. these leaders decided to boost the eurozone firepower or esff, by no less than four fold or maybe even five fold to reinforce the problem of greece and to prevent italy and spain from being infected by the same issues. another particularly sticky point of constitution that took hours of negotiating was the issue of agreeing to a haircut or writedown with private bondholders that owned greek debt. they managed to push through proposals for a voluntary 50% haircut with those investors and last but not least, the banks have had people worried for quite so long, seem to be the last of these ministers' problems. they managed to push through early in the negotiations to recapitalize th
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